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Want the latest Froud book Trolls? Because I am telling you it is awesome! If you want it click the link below:
Wanna relaxing read? Then check out the latest blog of the Froud family's trip to the US! The link is below. Enjoy!
Want to be a faery for halloween this year? Then check out this lovely face makeup tutorial on doing it- it's gorgeous. Here is the link:
For those who don't know , Faerieworld festival is coming up in November, just a reminder. And also, do not forget to check out my Fae artists of the day on facebook or twitter. Happy Fall everyone!
For those who don't know, Faeriecon this year is in November and is one the most coveted and largely attended faery events of the year. Hundreds of artists, musicians, and authors show up so you can not only dream of them, but actually meet them, purchase great merchandise, listen to great music, and revel in the Fae believers around you. If you are new to this event or have yet to purchase tickets, here is the link:
I just created a new page for some digital art. I have only just begun working in this medium so don't expect too much. You can go here to see it. :)
New monkey pixie drawings in color on Drawings 2011 1. This was my first attempt at using digital art. Hope you like it.
There is a new drawing today, check it out at Alt. Faerie Drawings 2. Anyone have suggestions on poses, ages, or want to add your own faerie drawings, just let me know.
For the next week or two I will be posting links to faerie/fairy artists (every day) with gorgeous drawings and merchandise, including costumes in some cases, so if you want to see the links follow me on twitter (Brianfroudfan), or follow me on Facebook at this page:
Alright, got a new drawing up of the lovely pirate goblin, inspired by the movie Pirates of the Caribbean 4, check it out at Drawings 2011.

I have also changed the website layout slightly with the drawings split into year now-2010 and 2011.