Brian Froud Blog

They made a short animated film about Faeries with Froud's actual drawings from his book. I think it's from the 80s, but the creatures are adorable. Here is the link to watch it online: It has three parts, the link is just to the first part, but you can access the other two parts from there:

Tell me who your favorite artist/s are!!! Obviously I like Froud, but I really want to know what kind of artists you guys prefer. Maybe you have drawn something from one of their art books or galleries. I'll happily submit your drawings on my page. Have fun.
Hi. I really love Brian Froud's work so I set up this blog for anyone who wants to contribute their thoughts on his artwork or similar artists artwork, or artwork in general. I recently found out that Brian Froud was the Conceptual Designer in the 1982 film, The Dark Crystal. I just watched it and it is very 80s but super fun to watch as long as you don't mind the lack of great graphics and technological advancements we are used to seeing in modern films. You can tell very quickly that the creatures and landscape are based on Froud's work.

Here is the link to the site to purchase The Dark Crystal: